Government Jobs VS Private Jobs

Government Jobs VS Private Jobs

With this Government Jobs VS Private Jobs article we are trying to give little bit information about the given below question. why is a Government Jobs better than a Private Jobs?

Why is a "Government Jobs" better than a "Private Jobs"?

Lesser work load

Let us compare with Government Jobs VS Private Jobs, We all know that Government Jobs have the minimum work load as well as provide a lot of comforts as compared to Private Jobs. Not only this, there are no over- times as well as extra weekends required as well. A government employee knows exactly which days he is going to work and for how long, hence providing a more relaxed as well as satisfactory life style. We got this information some data analysed in online then wrote this article on Government Jobs VS Private Jobs.

Fixed holidays and vacations

Probably one of the best perks of working in the government sector is that you do not have to argue for going on holidays and for taking leaves. There are fixed holidays per year and no matter what; you are entitled to take advantage of them. Not only this, all the government- declared holidays will also be provided to you. Government Jobs VS Private Jobs article will get about this information in online only.

Job security/ stability

Government jobs are not affected by a poor economy. There is very little chance that any government employee will ever lose his/ her job. In most of the cases, the job is retained until the individual is eligible for retiring. Employees in government offices have a fixed income during their entire term and the job security is also retained till the end.

Pensions and other benefits

Government employees are known to be getting a lot of attractive as well as life- long benefits from the government of our country. Most commonly, they are provided with life- long health care, pensions, housing facilities as well as provident funds. There are many sites to find government jobs like, and many others.

However, we cannot rule out the private sector as something that does not offer any benefits to its employees. To make it even, let us take a look at some of the advantages of the private sector over the government sector in our country.

Shorter decision making procedures

The government sector is known for taking a lot of time in making decisions about new recruitment, while the private sector functions much faster.

No permanent income scale

This is probably the best advantage of a private job. While working in the private sector, you can surely climb the ladders of success as per your ability and thus your income will also get enhanced over time. On the other hand, there is a definite pay scale for each post in the government sector.

Target- driven jobs

The jobs and opportunities in the private sector are target- driven, which means that there are certain goals to be fulfilled by each employee, while there is no such restriction in the case of a government job.

Greater scope of growth

Because there is no restriction on the position at which an employee can reach, there is more scope of growth and development in the private sector.
After taking a look at both the sides of this situation, selecting between the two may be a tough decision. The choices can vary from person to person, depending on their needs, background, future goals and so on. Finding private sector jobs is pretty diverse. Its actually huge, although, Jobs are quite famous!


Advantages of Government Sector Jobs over Private Sector

Job Security

The biggest advantage of Government job is “Job Security”.

Private sectors are prone to layoffs and we have very well witnessed such layoffs in the past during the time of recession. Whereas, in government sectors the situation of the employees more or less remained same and the job positions remained intact.

Pay Structure

Now the next significant factor would that be of the pay structure, as it is a very important factor for any job-searching individual. After the introduction of the 6th pay commission, the pay, which a government employee gets, is in par with the corporate sector and I don’t think that you would have anything to complain about here!!

Working Hours

Personally I think the next factor an employee would scratch his head over is of the number of working hours he / she has to input and that is a big plus over private sector. In government sector jobs, there are standard working hours, unlike private sector ones, where an individual has to do overtime against ones wishes (many time without any benefits as well). And if at all situation demands a government employee to do overtime, then he / she is entitled to attractive overtime benefits.


An important factor, which any job seeker would take in account, is the promotional benefits. In government jobs, promotion is always based on the service period hence, the longer you work, and higher are the promotional opportunities. Obviously, this can be called as advantage as well as disadvantage because for someone who is above average may not be able to grow faster than his average counterparts

Benefits & Perks

Next comes the benefit & perks a Government employee gets. For government jobs, many benefits such as retirement benefits, pension plans and funds exist moreover benefits such as medical, housing, loans, childcare etc. are also available. While some large private sector companies do offer such benefits, majority of them don’t offer except for mandatory ones.

Retirement becomes a factor and in the later part of our career and the retirement age of 60 years and in some cases of 58 years ensures longevity of an individual’s career.

Work Stress

Government sector jobs are not at all stressful when compared to the jobs in private sector. The work load in governments jobs even if high would have more than enough time frame to complete it in the best manner possible unlike that of private sector jobs.

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